Local 6143 and CWA Executive Board Statement

Concerning today’s announcement by the Company regarding the ongoing pandemic and their updated response:

Above all, the health and safety of all employees is a priority. It is in everyone’s best interest to get vaccinated as soon as they can.

Vaccines are not currently enforced on bargained for employees. Any future mandates on this will be negotiated between the Company and CWA National.    

The initial correspondence was intended for a general audience, and subsequent articles published through NEWS NOW were sent to clarify the guidelines.

There are paths for job accommodations for those of you who have a recognized, valid exemption.

Again, at this time the only mandate for bargained for employees is to remain masked while at a work location or while in a customer’s home whether vaccinated or not.

 Click on the link to read the national CWA Executive Board COVID-19 Vaccine Position Statement