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Local sends out monthly emails to members with link to online (Zoom) informational meetings. If you are not getting these e-mails please check your SPAM first as we use Mailchimp to be able to send mass email and it may got to your spam, it will show it's coming from CWA 6143. If you are not getting out emails please call the hall during business hours and provide your personal email address to be added. We will continue to meet in this online format until the CDC allows us to host meetings with over 50 people in attendance. Meetings are still held every second Thursday of every month at 7:30pm. Next meeting is tonight at 7:30pm. We also have a closed group facebook page for members simply called "CWA Local 6143".


There was some discussion last night about the 2017 AT&T/SW Contract being extended and how could it be done without a Vote to ratify. 

First off this isn't a new contract as we were still under the current CBA until April 11th, 2021. 

Because of that under Article XVII-Collective Bargaining Section 4 of the CWA Constitution the current CWA can be amended by consulting with the Bargaining Committee that was elected prior to 2017. Then the extension was taken to the CWA National Executive Board for approval. 

The key takeaway is this was an extension (amendment) to the current contract which does not require a ratification vote as the original contract was ratified back in 2017. 

I hope this helps clears up any confusion, and now the new expiration is April 12th, 2025.
Here are the details from the District 6 website on the extension:



The Local has been advised that the 20% additional incentive pay that was started during the Covid-19 pandemic will be ending after May 9th, 2020. 


5/4/2020 - For the continued safety of our Members & their Families the Informational Meeting scheduled for Thursday, May 14th has been cancelled. We continue to run the hall with minimal staff from 8am-5pm M-F should you need assistance. This situation will be re-evaluated on June 1st based on advice from the District CWA Office, National CWA Office, and Local government. Please continue to stay safe and practice social distancing!

In Unity,


Congratulations CWA/AT&T Mobility Members on the Ratification of your new four year contract!
From: COVID-19 Human Resources
Sent: Tuesday, March 24, 2020 9:13 PM
Subject: ATTENTION: Important information about COVID-19 Time Off
COVID-19: Revised CDC Guidelines for Individuals at Higher Risk Due to Age

To: AT&T Corporate, AT&T Communications and US-based AT&T Latin America employees on Temporary Leave related to higher risk conditions
Since the COVID-19 outbreak began, we've taken important preventative measures to help our colleagues around the world and we’re closely following guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC).
The CDC recently changed its criteria for which older adults should be considered higher risk. The CDC’s new guidance is for increased caution for people age 65 years and older. It was previously aged 60 years and older.
Temporary excused, paid leave will end on Friday, March 27 – and will be paid through this date – if the following apply:
· If your higher risk leave was based solely on age 60-64, AND
· You do not have other higher risk conditions OR
· You do not qualify for other temporary leave types
You do not need to provide written clearance from a medical provider to return to work.
Please contact your supervisor to coordinate returning to work either at the workplace or from home beginning on Saturday, March 28, or Monday, March 30, based on your work schedule.
In returning to work, you’ll be expected to observe CDC guidelines including social distancing (stay 6 feet away from others), washing hands frequently and following all good health hygiene practices.
If you have further concerns about your health and COVID-19 – and are not able to report to work at this time – you may elect to use your available PTO, sick time, or other leaves for which you may qualify, including higher risk status based on other CDC criteria.
Brothers & Sisters,
As the Temp Admin advised we have been busy making sure the 20% pay increase applies to all job titles. After several conversations with upper management we are happy to report it does apply to all Bargained for titles thru AT&T.
This pay increase began today 3/25/20 for all regular hours worked, and the date it expires is TBD. Once we know of an expiration we will notify you right away.
In a time we have been deemed essential it's great to have a Union that was able to negotiate extra pay in this crisis.
Please reach out if you need anything at all! The hall is remaining opened with a skeleton crew for calls and issues that may come up during this crisis.
In Solidarity,
Geronimo Guerra


Good Morning,

Geronimo GuerraJesse Espinosa, and Roger Sauseda have spent the morning verifying the 20% pay increase until further notice applies to all Bargained for Titles.

So far we have been able to confirm all titles, but still waiting on confirmation for Mobility. Once we know for sure we will update this post.

Keep up the great work and proving to the Company bargained for employees should always be the choice as we get the work done no matter the situation.

Also remember the District 6 call this evening regarding COVID-19 at 7:30pm.

Stay Safe!

Billy Moffett, Temp Admin


Call to discuss the COVID -19 pandemic and the Companies and protecting our members. 


Good Afternoon, we are aware that some offices have started to put out memos stating that employees that can do their jobs from home are allowed to do so.

With that being said unfortunately most of our Union represented jobs require that your are tied to a phone & computer thru their LAN.

I am aware that schools are starting to get called for next week. If you are the sole provider for your child and will need time off to care for them, the Company is providing up to 80 hours of paid time.

If you are over 60 or have heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, or cancer and cannot work from home its the same scenario (up to 80 hours of paid time).

If you have traveled abroad or have been exposed to someone that has a confirmed case of COVID-19 they are offering the same 80 hours paid to self quarantine.

If you need the above mentioned time follow the procedure of getting with your manager and sending the form. If there are problems getting the time then contact us at the hall so we can assist. Remember this time will be closely monitored by the Company for fraud!

Finally, this is a pandemic and will more than likely not be going away anytime soon. Let's Unite together, be safe, wash your hands, and care for the ones that are in need!

We are STRONGER together and we will get through this.

In Unity,

Billy Moffett


The Company has also advised that there will not be a surplus declaration this quarter due to uncertainties surrounding the spread of the coronavirus disease. For example, it is impossible for the Company to predict how many employees they will need to back-fill for others due to the virus. If a significant number of employees are out due to the virus, contractors will be used solely to fill gaps where needed, but management will not exploit this as a means to contract out more work.


Due to the recent Cornona Virus Epidemic, the safety of our Members & their Families, and per direction from both our District & National Leadership, we will be cancelling all meetings with a large amount of people for the months of March & April. This situation will be re-evaluated the first of May 2020. This will include the regular monthly Informational Meetings scheduled for March 12th & April 9th. Should this situation change we will update this page accordingly.

Should any of our Members become ill with symptoms of the Corona Virus or are exposed to someone who has been confirmed to have the Virus, it's imperative that it is not only reported to the Company, but also CWA 6143 so we can address on a per case basis. Please visit this link to the CDC to review the known symptoms:


Please follow all normal reporting ill procedures as well as notify us by calling the hall and filling out the following electronic form:



On Saturday, Feb 22, 2020 after a 24 hour extension the CWA Bargaining team reached a tentative agreement with AT&T Mobility on a new contract. Please see details at:


The Mobility Contract Ratification process will be as follows:

Ballotpoint will be sending eligible Mobility members a mail packet which will contain:

- A Voting Notice that will have instructions on how to vote

- A TA explainer

- A unique PIN# (to vote)

Note: Members should receive the mailer between Saturday, March 7th and Monday, March 9th.

The voting period will start Monday, March 9th, at 9 am and will end Monday, March 23rd, at 6 pm. Note: We had to make a change to time voting ended in order to get the results prepared to be announced the following day.

For members who lose their pin numbers or didn't receive a mail ballot, we have set up a hotline Monday through Friday from 11 am - 6 pm. Members can only call this number to reset their password.

Hotline: 1.844.VOTE.CWA (1.844.868.3293)


Information for the Cesar E Chavez - March For Justice event has been added to the Event Page. 


To all CWA Local 6143 Members:

Please be advised effectice immediately, CWA Local 6143 has been placed into receivership. 

Any questions regarding member representation or other Union Business matters should be directed to Billy Moffett, Staff Representative. He can be reached at 210-224-6143.


Billy Moffett, Temporary Administrator CWA Local 6143

Here’s what we’re fighting for in our 2017 negotiations with AT&T:

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To all Members,

In regards to the Ballot Instructions Item 3 sentence 5, the sentence reads ‘ENVELOPES RECEIVED WITHOUT VOTER INFORMATION OR CONTAINING DAMAGED CONTROL NUMBERS WILL BE VOIDED”, this line was not properly amended to suit our current election for the CWA 77th National Convention. No “control numbers” were used on any forms in this process. The amended Instructions should read as follows.



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