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Just to be clear the Union again has never agreed to any of the schedules that have been put out in the RMC (first bid or current bid). The Union addressed the issues with the first schedule and Seniority being violated. The Company then decided to put out a new schedule eliminating the early schedules with a day off during the week (this was their answer to fixing the Seniority problem). I expressed the fact the Seniority violations were still there with the new rollout. I told Eric this morning that we still do not agree with the schedules and would continue to pursue our grievance. 
Local is aware of the meetings taking place in RMC regarding the schedules and re bidding. Company has eliminated all early tours before 11am with a day off during the week. There are still concerns from members that their seniority is being violated of they choose to work late. We have an open grievance and will move forward with meeting on it once the new schedules are dropped so we can point out where there are violations. 
We have been advised by the RMC that some employess were notified at approx 12pm due to the call volumes their schedules would be changing for next week to be later to cover calls that are being dropped in the evening. The company has went in reverse seniority order which is what we would expect them to do in this scenario contractually. Re-Bid info and meetings has been delayed as the new bids are not yet completed. 
The Company contacted us last night at approx 5pm to let us know in the RMC that the new schedule roll out has been put on hold why they work to make some changes on shifts that would by-pass our high senior members for start time. This will require them to re-bid everyone with the changes. They have alerted us there is a need to have more later shifts due to call volumes and this being the last RMC center that will have to cover west coast calls as well. Just to be clear the Union has not agreed to anything and we are happy the company has agreed to pull back the projected schedule, however I still have concerns they may be trying to put a bandaid on fixing the real problem with violating our members seniority, however we will wait to see what is changed and put out with the new schedule. The grievance is still filed and will be prepared to roll should the new bid process not address our members concerns with Seniority violations. The Cease and Desist has been lifted for the time being. I truly appreciate our Union Stewards and Members who have continued to keep us in the loop on a daily basis. The Company did state that they will be having meetings with each team to cover the re-bid process. I have committed to trying to be at at least one once they announce the time.
In the Revenue Management Center, the Center Manager Eric Staten was issued a Cease and Desist letter regarding the new scheduling violating our members Seniority, until the grievance can be heard till completion, or a mutually agreed upon solution is met that doesn't violate our members Seniority. They have been given till close of business on Wednesday, August 21st to respond. We will keep you posted. Currently we are waiting on an additional records request that is relevant to the grievance being heard.
In Unity,
As of this morning the Company has notified us that surplus for Customer Service Technicians (Surplus of 40) for San Antonio has been pulled! This is great news for our CSTs and Prem Techs.


The Union met via conference call with the IEX team in Wichita Falls this morning regarding the roll out of the new schedule prefrencing. The Company is attempting to not allow those who preference for Friday off and receive it as their SN day to not be able to preference as early as possible on Saturdays. The earliest they were allowing you to preference to start would be 8am and not 7am (when center opens). A 2nd level manager actually statesd this gives the lower seniority people a chance to possibly come in earlier and you can't have both the best day off and the earliest start time. First off, I explained that Seniority is one of the most important things the Union fights for and protects in our contract. Second, days off as well as start time should always be done in seniority based order. After going back and forth for about 30 minutes they don't believe they are doing anything wrong as they claim this is being done in other offices. Finally, I explained I represent San Antonio and the members of Local 6143 not other offices. This is a total violation of Seniority and we will move forward on a grievance on behalf of the Local. Since this is a center wide issue I will be filing this grievance on behalf of all of our members in the RMC group so we won't need anymore individual grievances on this particular issue at this time. The grievance will be filed this afternoon (8-2-19).

I will keep everyone posted as this rolls thru the grievance process, and thanks to the many that have contacted me and provided documentation to support the potential seniority violation.

In Unity,




The Union met with Eric Staten of the Credit & Collections department regarding the memo that was sent out late last week regarding conformance and the need for bathroom breaks outside of your two scheduled fifteen minute breaks and your scheduled lunch.

First off the Union understands that the Center is struggling on conformance and it is one of the metrics that is looked at when the Company makes decision to downsize and or close centers. Several of the employees in this office have come from previous Office closures so they get it. However, as I explained to Eric the Union will not sit back and allow the Company to deny bathroom breaks. This is a violation of Article 24 Health & Safety of our contract as well is against OSHA standards. If you are denied a bathroom break we need to know right away so a grievance can be filed.

If you are one of the ones taking extra times to make phone calls in the hallway, chat with your friends, etc. outside of your scheduled breaks and lunch, then please be aware the Company has advised us they are going to start to move to discipline to correct this behavior. In the end we understand the importance of keeping the doors open so anything you can do to help is much appreciated. 

Finally, we also discussed the ongoing interview process for the MST position. Though we left the meeting without telling Eric what we were going to do as I needed time to fully digest the situation and the history with this Temporary Title.

My Understanding is the employees who hold these temporary positions have held them for a long time, some for years. After fully looking at the situation we are under the belief this is a Unilateral change that was not discussed with the Union that will allow the Company to pick and choose who they want to hold these Temp positions. Senior Most Qualified has always been the business practice in the past and if the Company was to change this we believe this is Bargaining in bad faith as this was never discussed with the Union prior to the interviews and potential changes being made.
If the Company wants to implement a Interview process, I believe those whom hold these titles now should be Grandfathered and the new process would simply back fill the need to replace someone should there be an opening in the future through attrition.  
Finally, we will always attempt to resolve an issue before filing a grievance, however should the Company continue to follow the ongoing process, the Local will have no choice but to file a grievance on behalf of our members in this office, as well as board charge with the NLRB for making a unilateral change and bargaining in bad faith.

In Unity,




To all CWA Local 6143 Members:

Please be advised effectice immediately, CWA Local 6143 has been placed into receivership. 

Any questions regarding member representation or other Union Business matters should be directed to Billy Moffett, Staff Representative. He can be reached at 210-224-6143.


Billy Moffett, Temporary Administrator CWA Local 6143

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