18 New Premise Technician have joined Local 6143! Help us to welcome these new members to the team!

Danny Deosio, Bargaining Committee member and Tarea Smith alternate Bargaining Committee member together worked to compile your surveys and present bargaining proposal changes with your input in mi

It's with a heavy heart, that once again we have to announnce the news of another wave of surpluses have taken place.


Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, AT&T Services, Inc. & DirecTV, LLC will be receiving their contractural raise on May 5, 2019. Check your wage progression chart for your job title to see your new weekly wage.

Our next annual pay raise will be coming on February 26, 2019. Cap pay will now be $19.16 + commission. This is the last contractual raise of our current contract.

Our 4 year contract expires in one year. Be prepared to answer questions about what item is most important to you (hourly pay, attendance policy, sick time, vacation, etc). Before negotations begin, we will poll members on what you would like the bargaining team to negotiate.


Happy New Year to all of you. We hope your holiday season was a joyful one. Now is the time to introduce our reincarnation of The Communicator. This is a quarterly newsletter to help keep all of you up to date on union news.

Upcoming Marches

CWA's Executive Board has voted to authorize a potential strike by 14,000 workers covered by AT&T’s Midwest and Legacy T contracts, an action that gives CWA President Chris Shelton the go-ahead to set a strike date if an agreement can't be reached. Workers voted on April 10 to authorize a strike.

Painting for a Cause

Join fellow CWA members in "Painting for a Cause" for the Mancha Back to School drive.

Cost will be $35 per person for a 2 hour painting or $45 per person for a 3 hour painting. (25% of proceeds will be given to the Mancha Back to School Drive.) All materials will be provided for the painting. Food and drinks are welcome. Please contact Jo Angela Herrera to sign up! (210) 289-7441. *** Space is limited, please RSVP no later than July 21st. 

This June, CWA 6143's Legislative Committee endorsed 5 candidates for local government that have a track record of being pro-union and pro-workers rights. Through phone banking and getting out the vote efforts, we were successful in helping three of the five candidates get elected to local office including William “Cruz” Shaw (District 2), John Courage (District 9) and our new Mayor, Ron Nirenberg.

Red means sacrifice.
Red means solidarity.
Red means CWA power.

We wear red on Thursdays in memory of CWA Local 1103.  Chief Steward Gerry Horgan, our union brother was run down on a picket line in Valhalla, NY, during the 1989 strike at NYNEX.

 The four-month strike over health care benefits was just two weeks old when the daughter of a manager, who was working as a scab, accidentally hit Gerry with her car while breaking through a picket line.