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18 New Premise Technician have joined Local 6143! Help us to welcome these new members to the team!

Danny Deosio, Bargaining Committee member and Tarea Smith alternate Bargaining Committee member together worked to compile your surveys and present bargaining proposal changes with your input in mi

Premises Tech Armando Zepeda Speaks Out Against AT&T's Offshoring | AT&T West Bargaining | CWA Video

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Paid time off, better job security, safer workplaces, a fair wage and a voice.  YOUR union has fought hard and diligently for all the benefits that we have, but the fight is not over.  Collective bargaining rights and the right to organize have been under corporate assault for three decades.  The Union can only be successful with YOUR support.  Attend the monthly meetings - stay informed, get to know your leadership, voice your concerns, get involved.  One Team, One Fight.  United we


It's with a heavy heart, that once again we have to announnce the news of another wave of surpluses have taken place. There were a few different departments that were affected.  In January 9 CAD Techs, in March 6 Senior Consultants, 11 Service Order Writers and 2 Senior General Clerks.

The company shut down two of the Cricket mobility stores affecting 11 of our members 5 of which were able to find new positions within the company. The company has also announced the restructuring of several if not all of our mobility stores resulting in far fewer employees.

Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, AT&T Services, Inc. & DirecTV, LLC will be receiving their contractural raise on May 5, 2019. Check your wage progression chart for your job title to see your new weekly wage.